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About Computer Programming
Some people will tell you that because WYSIWYG programs are so wide-spread, you don't need to learn HTML, but unless you're going to stay in business for yourself, eventually you will come across a hiring manager or firm who wants you to prove you know HTML.

Computer Programming

Computer programming has gone through many revolutions during the last fifty years, from using machine code and programming using punched cards and paper tape, to very high level intuitive languages, using near English constructions and object orientation. If you are looking for a career in computer programming, you need to study a suitable degree program which will give you the necessary background and knowledge to create a firm foundation for your future.

First of call, you need to find a university, college or technical institute that will offer you the kind of environment that you can study well in. Then you should examine the programs offered to make sure that you will have a program that suits your ambitions. You will find that the course content can differ greatly between programs, so this may take time. You should end up with some five or six alternatives, and apply for all of them so that you will be accepted for at least one program.

Your studies will give you the skills and knowledge you need to become immediately effective in your first job. You will find that you need to select your career path carefully in computer programming; technologies change, and if you are not careful and do not keep up to date, your leading edge specialism can become a has-been language that is used by outdated companies who are do no new developments, so continuing education is important. However, this is a career that, with care an attention can give you job satisfaction for the whole of your working life.

Online Schools Offering Computer Programming Programs:

AIU Online


Earn your degree online in record time, from AIU Online. No school makes it easier (or more rewarding) to earn a degree in Business Administration, Information Technology, Visual Communication, and Education than AIU Online. Bachelors degrees can be earned in as little as 13 months*, master's degrees in as little as 10 months*. The AIU online degree program is designed so you can study when it's most convenient for you.

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Programs Offered:
  • Associates of Business Administration
  • Bachelor (BIT) - Computer Systems
  • Bachelor (BIT) - Network Administration
  • Bachelor (BIT) - Programming
  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Human resources
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Master's Degree in Information Technology
  • MBA - Human resources
  • MBA - Marketing

  • American College of Computer & Information Sciences

    Advance your career with the right online degree. The American College of Computer & Information Sciences (ACCIS) offers fast-paced, real-world programs in Computer Science, Information Systems and Management. Learning online allows you to study when and where you choose.

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    Programs Offered:
  • Business Administration-BS
  • Business Administration-MBA
  • Computer Science-BS
  • Computer Science-MS
  • Information Systems-BS
  • Information Systems-MS
  • Management Information Systems-BS

  • Baker College Online

    Baker College Online, headquartered in Michigan, is a part of the Baker College system which was founded in 1911. Baker College is one of America's largest private college systems, and Michigan's largest, serving over 30,000 students.

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    Programs Offered:
  • AS - Computer Programming
  • AS - Computer Programming: Java Option
  • AS - Web Design
  • Bachelor in Computer Science
  • Bachelor in Web Development
  • Certificate in Web Design
  • MBA/Computer Information Systems
  • MBA/E-Commerce

  • DeVry University Online

    Earn your degree 100% online. DeVry University Online provides the flexibility you need to complete your degree whenever and wherever it's convenient for you. Earn a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Information Technology, Computer Information Systems or Technical Management. Interact with faculty and students in a virtual classroom and take courses that are structured by week just like in a face-to-face course.

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    Programs Offered:
  • Bachelor - Business Administration
  • Bachelor - Computer Info. Systems
  • Bachelor - Information Technology
  • Bachelor - Technical Management

  • Regis University - Online

    Gain the professional advantage you need to separate yourself from the pack. Earn your MBA online, from home or while you travel, and learn the skills you need to keep current in your field. An online MBA from Regis University can help you get the inside track on raises and promotions, so that you can achieve the career success you deserve.

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    Programs Offered:
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Information Technology
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Science
  • Database Technologies
  • JavaTM Programming
  • Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Management of Technologies
  • Network Technologies
  • Object-Oriented Technologies
  • Software Engineering and Information Systems
  • UNIX (SolarisTM) Programming

  • Saint Leo University Online

    Help take your career to the next level by earning your accredited degree online from Saint Leo University. Choose from a variety of career-track programs including Business Administration, Liberal Arts, Accounting, Criminal Justice, and Computer Information Systems. Saint Leo University is a member of University Alliance, the nation's largest exclusive e-learning provider with over 100,000 enrollments.

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    Programs Offered:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Health Services Management Specialization
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Management Specialization
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS)

  • University Alliance

    Find a degree program with the flexibility to fit into your lifestyle. Choose from top, well-known schools and earn your Bachelor's, Master's or Certificate. Programs include Business Administration, IT, Healthcare and more.

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    Programs Offered:
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS)

  • Westwood College Online

    Earn your BS or AAS online at Westwood College of Technology. Degree programs include Graphic Design and Multimedia, E-Business Management, Computer Network Management, Software Engineering, Visual Communications, and Computer Network Engineering. All online courses are instructor-led and custom designed to give you the real world training you need to start a successful career in as little as 17 months. Get more information now.

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    Programs Offered:
  • Computer Network Engineering
  • Computer Network Management
  • E-Business Management
  • Graphic Design and Multimedia
  • Information Systems Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Visual Communications
  • Web Design & Multimedia
    Web designers should focus their education on design - graphics and layout. Most companies hiring designers want people who are visually artistic. You should study color theory and composition and get a degree in visual arts or visual design.