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digital media has spread like virus Some people will tell you that because WYSIWYG programs are so wide-spread, you don't need to learn HTML, but unless you're going to stay in business for yourself, eventually you will come across a hiring manager or firm who wants you to prove you know HTML.

Industrial Design

Those looking for a career in graphic or industrial product design can find the training they need from a number of different sources. Typically, most of the best design firms will want to hire someone who has earned at least a bachelor's degree in art or design. A 4-year bachelor's degree is optimal, because employers generally want to know that a student has had a well-rounded education. Even though the job of a graphic or industrial product designer is relatively specific, a professional firm knows that the designer generally needs to work with other creative team members, most of which have also earned college degrees, to make a rich and comprehensive final product. The creativity needed to see a design through to completion is often aided by the knowledge the designer has not only of the design craft, but also of other intellectual subjects such as math and literature.

Not all firms require a bachelor's degree, however. A designer can find a job through other sorts of training as well. Many graphic designers have earned an associate's degree from a reputable art or technical college. An associate's degree generally takes two years to earn, and graduates can emerge with all the design skills they need to be very successful. The main difference between an associate's and a bachelor's degree is the depth of study. Associate's degree students are generally required to only take specific classes related to their desired profession, whereas bachelor's degree candidates generally have to take more general educational courses.

Online Schools Offering Industrial Design Programs:

National Technological University

Earn the credentials needed to advance your technology career with National Technological University. Learn and be mentored by technology professors from world-class universities such as Berkeley and the University of Arizona. At NTU, you'll network with other professionals in your field and gain the real-world management and leadership skills to earn your seat at the management table. Pursue a certificate to keep your skill set current, or earn your master's degree in management, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and more.

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Programs Offered:
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Information Systems
  • Master of Science in Computer Engineering
  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Master of Science in Engineering Management
  • Master of Science in Microelectronics and Semiconductor Engineering
  • Master of Science in Software Engineering
  • Master of Science in Systems Engineering
  • Microelectronic Packaging Certificate
  • Object-oriented Programming Certificate
  • Software Project Management Certificate
  • Systems Engineering Certificate
  • Telecommunications Management Certificate
    earn your digital media degree online through various colleges Web designers should focus their education on design - graphics and layout. Most companies hiring designers want people who are visually artistic. You should study color theory and composition and get a degree in visual arts or visual design.