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digital media has spread like virus Some people will tell you that because WYSIWYG programs are so wide-spread, you don't need to learn HTML, but unless you're going to stay in business for yourself, eventually you will come across a hiring manager or firm who wants you to prove you know HTML.

Web Administration

The bubble may have burst on the dotcom phenomena, but that doesn't mean that there are fewer jobs out there for tech-minded people. If you're looking for a fast-paced and challenging career, you might consider a training program in Web administration.

A Web administrator is a master in technology whose primary responsibility is acquiring and configuring the hardware and software infrastructure behind successful Web sites. These technology professionals possess expertise in servers, routers, security, network management, and systems maintenance.

While not his or her primary job, a Web administrator is also proficient in coding languages such as HTML that allow visual artists to create the pages that site visitors see when they visit any Website. Other skills possessed by knowledgeable practitioners of this challenging job include interactive and user interface design as well as content, project and business management.

When choosing a school, whether an institute, college, or university, make sure that your program offers courses in Web site structure, interactivity and the use of database tools and custom applications to prepare the site for dynamic presentation of content to the visitor.

The core curriculum should be mainly focused on the hardware and software infrastructure that supports an organizations Internet presence. As a Web administer, you'll need to possess a strong understanding of servers, routers, security, network management, and systems maintenance.

If you're serious about this rewarding career, an obvious source of information is on the World Wide Web. A visit to any of the popular search engines can point you to a program that fits your needs.

Online Schools Offering Web Administration Programs:

AIU Online


Earn your degree online in record time, from AIU Online. No school makes it easier (or more rewarding) to earn a degree in Business Administration, Information Technology, Visual Communication, and Education than AIU Online. Bachelors degrees can be earned in as little as 13 months*, master's degrees in as little as 10 months*. The AIU online degree program is designed so you can study when it's most convenient for you.

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Programs Offered:
  • Associates of Business Administration
  • Bachelor (BIT) - Computer Systems
  • Bachelor (BIT) - Network Administration
  • Bachelor (BIT) - Programming
  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Human resources
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Master's Degree in Information Technology
  • MBA - Human resources
  • MBA - Marketing

  • American College of Computer & Information Sciences

    Advance your career with the right online degree. The American College of Computer & Information Sciences (ACCIS) offers fast-paced, real-world programs in Computer Science, Information Systems and Management. Learning online allows you to study when and where you choose.

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    Programs Offered:
  • Business Administration-BS
  • Business Administration-MBA
  • Computer Science-BS
  • Computer Science-MS
  • Information Systems-BS
  • Information Systems-MS
  • Management Information Systems-BS

  • Saint Leo University Online

    Help take your career to the next level by earning your accredited degree online from Saint Leo University. Choose from a variety of career-track programs including Business Administration, Liberal Arts, Accounting, Criminal Justice, and Computer Information Systems. Saint Leo University is a member of University Alliance, the nation's largest exclusive e-learning provider with over 100,000 enrollments.

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    Programs Offered:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Health Services Management Specialization
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Management Specialization
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS)

  • University Alliance

    Find a degree program with the flexibility to fit into your lifestyle. Choose from top, well-known schools and earn your Bachelor's, Master's or Certificate. Programs include Business Administration, IT, Healthcare and more.

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    Programs Offered:
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS)

  • Westwood College Online

    Earn your BS or AAS online at Westwood College of Technology. Degree programs include Graphic Design and Multimedia, E-Business Management, Computer Network Management, Software Engineering, Visual Communications, and Computer Network Engineering. All online courses are instructor-led and custom designed to give you the real world training you need to start a successful career in as little as 17 months. Get more information now.

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    Programs Offered:
  • Computer Network Engineering
  • Computer Network Management
  • E-Business Management
  • Graphic Design and Multimedia
  • Information Systems Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Visual Communications
  • Web Design & Multimedia
    earn your digital media degree online through various colleges Web designers should focus their education on design - graphics and layout. Most companies hiring designers want people who are visually artistic. You should study color theory and composition and get a degree in visual arts or visual design.