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people management tools

Knowing and being updated on the best people management tools is essential for anyone who wants to adapt to technological changes and leverage the results of Human Resources. After all, the HR sector is changing every day based on digital innovations, and professionals in the area must have efficient tools and platforms to organize and optimize day-to-day activities. Also, to act more strategically for the growth of the organization. We have separated for you 8 indispensable people management tools to take your company’s HR to another level. Keep reading and check it out!

 How do people management tools help in the HR routine?

The digital transformation that companies have undergone in recent years has brought new perspectives to HR. What used to represent bureaucratic, time-consuming and tiring work has become a less rigid, more agile and efficient practice. This HR revolution aligns the concept of Agile HR with digital transformation. The method promotes speed in people management tools , simplifying administrative processes. Like other sectors, HR is also experiencing its 4.0 moment. In it, the focus is on the intelligent use of technological tools, integrated into the company’s strategy.

With the right tools, HR can perform its tasks with more practicality, agility and efficiency .

 Discover 8 essential tools for today’s HR

To keep up with the changes brought about by technology and make HR 4.0, it is important to have appropriate tools to optimize routines and make them more strategic. Among the activities that your HR can optimize with new tools are talent management, administrative tasks, time control, employee communication, job postings and more. Download the material with the selection of the 8 best People Management tools to start using now!

 HR 4.0 Guide: Transform Your People Management

people management tools is experiencing a new era: HR 4.0. The premises of this moment go far beyond the use of technological tools to improve the organization’s results. The humans, behind the professionals, are an integral part of the analyzes and decisions made by companies. Technology is no longer the protagonist of business development solutions and has become an adjunct to people management. The systems support the collection and modeling of data, the people management tools of teams and the elaboration of more effective strategies for acting in the market , but the main basis is people .

Every HR professional needs to pay attention to this issue, so we put together this complete guide on HR 4.0 with all the information you need to know to better understand how it has worked in practice.

What is revolution 4.0?

 Before starting to talk about HR 4.0 itself, it is important to know the paths that have led people management to its present moment. For that, we need to understand what the 4.0 revolution is and how it impacted HR processes. The evolution of the industry has always been the main mark of changes in all other sectors of the world economy . The first industrial revolution brought steam, the second brought new means of production, the third brought automation, and now we live in the fourth industrial revolution, also called the 4.0 revolution .

 In this new phase, information technology acts more intelligently in production processes. Robots operated by people during the previous period are now controlled by software equipped with artificial intelligence . Databases generate much more in-depth and detailed analysis, which promotes faster and more efficient innovation. All this technology impacts human relationships, especially professionals. People’s behavior has changed and companies need to adopt measures that are able to combine technological advances with the needs of new market professionals .

 What is HR 4.0?

Like other sectors, HR is also experiencing its 4.0 moment. In it, the focus is on the intelligent use of technological tools . It is not enough to implement new software, there needs to be a change in the way processes are carried out and in the role that professionals play in relation to the business.

 RH 4.0 is supported by three pillars that need to be in perfect harmony. Meet each of them below.


Technology is the main tool of the 4.0 revolution as a whole. The technology for HR , it starts to be applied in aspects that seemed not to be possible, as in the analysis of behavioral profiles and in the automation of the recruitment and selection processes. Technological resources, such as cloud computing and connectivity, allow people to be managed optimally . Professionals can work remotely without interfering with their performance , and managers can hold meetings through videoconferences.

 The flexibility in the relationships between employees and the company generates more satisfaction for both sides. People feel happier and this is reflected in their productivity . On the other hand, with increasingly better deliveries, the business tends to evolve faster.

people management tools


The use of technology alone does not include the HR sector in the 4.0 revolution. It is necessary to go beyond the tools and integrate them into the company’s strategy. A software for managing operational routines is very important and helps to make the team more agile, but what do they generate value for the business?

 In RH 4.0, people management tools solutions are part of the organization’s strategic planning . The systems turn to more analytical issues, with more advanced data exploration and methodologies . The human resources sector starts to have a much greater weight in decisions about the company’s direction in the market.

Behavioral Management

Finally, behavioral people management tools is the element that unites technology and strategy for truly effective results. The analysis of behavioral profiles is more than a tool of psychology applied to HR . It allows you to better understand the strongest characteristics of each professional and to use them more effectively. The technology provides data collection and modeling, the strategy defines the direction that the company intends to follow and behavioral people management tools crosses these two visions to assemble more adequate and efficient teams . Aligning these three points is the key to business success .

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