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Turning attention to the internal routine of HR, management software is more sophisticated and relevant. The solutions meet all operational routines in an automated way and allow integration with different tools from the sector itself or from others. People management becomes much more efficient , focusing analysts’ efforts on more strategic issues.

What are the tech trends for HR?

RH 4.0 is something that is already present in the market, but that is still new to many companies. Some trends help explain the need to adopt new measures, such as those listed below.

Multidisciplinary professionals

The market has demanded multidisciplinary professionals to meet the demand for constant changes and innovations. It is necessary to count on more flexible people, with good luggage and who are more difficult to find . Technology helps reach these people with proposals that are more attractive to them and relevant to the business.

Management Software decentralization

Traditional hierarchical systems are no longer as efficient. Today’s professionals have more autonomy to make important decisions . Unlike bosses, leaders listen to those they lead and maintain a more open dialogue. Daily technological tools contribute to this approximation and allow the Management Software of the areas to be done in a more democratic and effective way. 

 Strengthening of organizational culture

Organizational culture is primarily responsible for the impression that the company leaves on the market. In today’s HR, it is used strategically by combining values ​​and beliefs of the organization and people . This synergy strengthens professional bonds between employees and increases the feeling of belonging. Factors that impact motivation and, consequently, productivity.

 Recursos on-line

The use of online resources allows several facilities in the routine of professionals. Managers can manage their teams remotely, monitor the development of activities and even hold meetings. Employees have more flexibility of schedules and locations , being able to solve what they need through the internet.

 How has HR 4.0 stood out from the traditional one?

So far, we have seen that RH 4.0 has several differences from the traditional one. But how does this stand out in practice? That’s what we’re going to show in this section.

 More effective selection processes

With the help of artificial intelligence and more complete information analysis, selection processes are more effective . The improvement is perceived from the more detailed description of the vacancies to the hiring of professionals more suited to the needs and strategies of the business.

 Increase in talent retention

 The organizational climate is essential to be able to maintain and retain your company’s talents HR 4.0 provides people Management Software that is more attentive to the demands of professionals , thus retaining talent becomes more possible and accessible. This implies efforts to improve the climate and the satisfaction of all through a stronger feedback culture and a more open dialogue. Employees feel part of something bigger and have no reason to leave.

 Developing stronger teams

The use of people analytics in Management Software allows for a clearer identification of the deficiencies of professionals and teams that need to be worked on. As a result, training and development plans are more focused on business strategies , generating an even stronger talent base.

 Business growth in the market

With well-developed teams and a large information base being worked on at all times, business growth is inevitable. The intersection between the demands of the organization and the characteristics of the professionals increases the company’s internal knowledge and helps to draw up much more efficient plans.

 Happier and more productive employees

Focusing on people, HR 4.0 works by combining the needs of each individual with the needs of the business as a whole. Therefore, both parties are served and this increases the proximity of this relationship. Employees feel happier for being part of something they believe in and, as a result, are more productive .

 What are the challenges of HR 4.0?

Like any novelty on the market, RH 4.0 still faces many challenges to be installed in companies for good. Here we list some of the most relevant, check them out.

 Breaking ideological paradigms of traditional companies

Breaking paradigms is not so simple. Many companies have been in the market for decades and feel comfortable in continuing to act as they have done so far . The big question for entrepreneurs in this scenario is that their businesses have grown and developed very well so far, why mess with “a winning team”? The role of HR, in these cases, is to show that the market has already changed. The organization is probably already suffering from an increase in turnover and difficulty in hiring professionals with higher skills . Factors that can be proven by numbers, if presented in the right way.

 Get support from the company’s top management

In other cases, managers and other professionals already understand the need for changes, but are at the mercy of decisions made by senior management, which is not always so open to dialogue. So, the challenge is to get closer to decision makers and show the advantages that implementing changes in HR Management can bring to the business . It takes patience and acting with insight to break through this barrier.

 Implement a strong culture

Another delicate moment is in the cultural change of the organization. It determines the way people should behave on a day-to-day basis, and many habits no longer make sense with the arrival of HR 4.0 Management . A change in habits, cultivated over so many years, is not that simple . HR needs to identify who are the people who do not fit the company’s new requirements and define which ones will be developed and which will need to be replaced. Gradually, the new culture is spreading and getting stronger, but until then, there is a lot of work to be done .


 Dealing with generational differences

One of the most important challenges we face today is the differences between generations . Each one was developed with different values ​​and precepts, which ends up generating conflicts in the routine of an organization. For younger generations, the concepts of HR 4.0 make a lot of sense and meet their professional demands well. For the older ones, things get a little more complicated. Not all are digitally adapted and this causes some resistance to novelties.

 In short, HR 4.0  Management  is a reality that is already present in many companies , but which still has a lot of room to conquer. With it, the evolution of technology is no longer a threat to professionals, but an enhancer of their capabilities. Today, the migration to this new model is a differential, but tomorrow it will be a matter of survival.

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